• Here Is Our 5 Step Process That Will Amp Up Your Dating Life

    We handle all the work. You just need to collect and have fun.
    This is how it works:

It doesn’t matter how busy you are. Everybody should have time to date.

1 Girl Daily is the Perfect Solution for Men who are Fed Up and Tired of the Traditional Matchmaking and Online Dating Protocols.

Our team of New Wave Matchmakers will Create the Love Life of your Dreams. Never Again will You Deal with the Hassle of Spending Endless Amounts Of Time Waiting for Your Matches to Come In.






Step 1: Pick your package

Pick one of our dating packages that meets your needs. We offer 5 different packages with specific features and numbers of guaranteed girls per month. Each of the packages Involves our Highest Level of Attention to Detail and Quality. We Guarantee Success. Whether you only have time to date once a week, or every day; we have a package that is Right for You.

Step 2. Consult your matchmaker

When you sign up, you will receive an email from your new wave matchmaker that will guide you through the process. The consultation will will be a connection and understanding between you and your matchmaker; where together you can drill down into specifics to best serve you… professionally, quickly, and discretely.

Step 3. Initialize setup

Your new wave matchmaker will manage all the aspects of finding your ideal girls. This includes sorting through thousands of potential girls that match your preferences, introducing you in the most pleasant and attractive light, handling all communications with the girls, and finally helping you set up your dates.

Step 4. Review your matches

We deliver you a picture of your girl(s) along with their phone number, relevant statistics, and location. We then will be there to assist you setting up the date… managing ‘flaky’ girls, and handling logistical issues that arise along the way. You will be covered every step of the way.

STEP 5: Go dating

Your New Wave Matchmaker will notify you at the end of the day, each day to deliver your girl(s) to you. Some of our packages also include pre-date briefing where you will quickly go through any questions with your matchmaker; who will assist you every step of the way prior to your date.
Yes, it’s easy as that! And depending on the package you choose, you can enjoy any number of dates that you can handle.

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